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Resin-based composite material having a light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance and other characteristics, but the materials sector in recent years and the pillar industries in the resin-based material using increasingly high performance requirements, how to synthesize high-performance resin matrix composites have become important subject material and business circles. Gas of nanometer grade silicon dioxide advent of synthetic resin-based composites offer a new opportunity to provide a new way for the modification of the conventional resin-based material, as long as capable of fumed silica particles are sufficiently uniformly dispersed in a resin material, fully able to achieve the purpose of an overall improvement in resin-based material properties.

Increase the strength and elongation. Epoxy resin is a basic material, adding fumed silicon dioxide to the epoxy resin, the structure is completely different from the coarse-grained silica added epoxy composites, generally coarse-grained silica as a reinforcing agent is added, it is mainly distributed in the chain between the polymer material, and nano-silica surface due to the severe lack of coordination, a large specific surface area and surface due to oxygen and other characteristics, it showed strong activity, it is easy ethylene and oxygen molecules from the key ring with the cooperation, improve the binding force between molecules, but there are still a part of nano silica particles distributed in the polymer chain the gap, compared with coarse-grained silica particles, high performance flow ripple, thereby making the gas phase of nanometer silica added epoxy resin material strength, toughness and ductility are significantly increased.

Improve the wear resistance and improve the surface finish of the material. Gas level of nanometer silicon dioxide particles smaller than ordinary silica 100-1000 times, add it to the epoxy resin, is conducive drawn into a wire. Due to the high mobility and small size effect fumed nano silica, the material is more dense fine clean surface friction coefficient becomes small, nanoparticles combined with high strength, wear resistance of the material is greatly enhanced.

Anti-aging properties. Epoxy composites process of using a fatal weakness is the difference between anti-aging properties, mainly due to the solar radiation in the ultraviolet band of 280-400nm, long-wave effect, damaging its resin-based composite material is a very serious, resulting in degradation of the polymer chain polymer composites rapidly aging. The fumed nano silicon dioxide can strongly reflect ultraviolet light, was added to the epoxy resin can greatly reduce UV degradation of epoxy resin, so as to achieve the purpose of delaying the aging of materials.



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