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Property of Fumed Silicon Dioxide:

As a liquid thixotropic and thickening agents, anti-settling, anti-sagging;

Improves pigment filler in a liquid suspension systems and dispersion;

Used as a dispersing and grinding aids;

To improve the corrosion resistance of the coating;

To improve the powder flowability, storage stability;

Improve the powder charge amount and charge stability;

Improve water resistance;

Improve the scratch resistance of the film;

Improve the color vividness;

Fixed special effects;

Improve the film mechanical properties;

Improve film adhesion and flexibility;

Improving rubber, elastomer, viscoelastic properties, reinforcement;

Defoamers defoaming effect;

Improve the coating surface hardness, scratch resistant;

Films and elastomers to prevent adhesions;

As an adsorbent and a carrier;

Coatings for inkjet printing;

As a senior dental filling material;

As a catalyst carrier, significant thermal insulation, for low and high temperature insulation.

Organic electroluminescent devices (OELD) is newly developed type of flat panel display device that having opening and a low driving voltage, DC voltage and can drive, can be matched with the scale integrated circuits, easy to achieve full-color, brightness high (> 105cd / m2), etc., but the life of the OELD device still can not meet the application requirements, one of the technical difficulties which need to be solved is the device packaging materials and packaging technology. At present, foreign countries (Japan, the United States, Europe, etc.) widely used silicone-modified epoxy resin, that is, by blending between the two, or graft copolymerization reaction of epoxy resin to achieve both internal stress can reduce the formation of molecular within toughening, improve high temperature performance, while also improving silicone waterproof, anti-oil, antioxidant properties, but it needs a longer curing time (hours to days), to accelerate the curing reaction, need higher temperature (60 ℃ to 100 ℃ above) or increase the amount of curing agent, which will not only increase costs, but also difficult to meet the large-scale production line for the device packaging material requirements (short time, temperature package). The active surface-treated nano-silicon dioxide sufficiently dispersed in the epoxy resin-modified silicone adhesive matrix, the encapsulating material can be significantly shortened curing time (2.0-2.5h), and the curing temperature can be lowered to room temperature, so OELD device has been significantly improved sealing performance, increase the service life of the OELD device.



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