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Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, GuixiaLiu Guangyan Hong et al., using the template - adjustment method first synthesis of SiO2(silicon dioxide) / Y2O3 core-shell material and hollow microspheres. This method of synthesis, amorphous SiO2 as a template. This size range of core-shell structure is 140nm-180nm, the thickness of Y2O3 is 20-40nm.

Jilin University, TongjieYao, QuanLin, KaiZhang, Deng Fengzhao like, first synthesized the sandwich material SiO2(silicon dioxide)-PS (polystyrene) core-shell structure, and then pyrrole monomer in the PS surface coated by chemical polymerization. Final with THF (tetrahydrofuran) to PS intermediate layer is etched away, thus forming a "capsule" containing a removable capsule hollow structure of SiO2. This multilayer structure complex folder diameter core material can be controlled by the amount of pyrrole monomer is added to the regulation. Particle size generally between 370 ~ 445nm fluctuations.

Jilin University, Yong Zhengzhu, Yan Lingcao, Zhi Huili, so as to silicon dioxide microspheres colloidal crystals as templates, has passed self-assembled, high temperature sintering, selective etching technique and the sol - gel process, the success of non-close-packed face-centered cubic crystal TiO2 grafted on to the nearest has a hollow structure of TiO2 transistors.

Jilin University, Kai Zhang, Lin Lizheng, Xue Haizhang, etc., prepared by emulsion polymerization SiO2- monodisperse polymer core - shell structure nanoparticles. By treatment with methyl acrylate modified SiO2 nanoparticles to the SiO2 surface covered with a layer of polymer. The thickness of this layer is dependent on the polymer and the grafting monomer is added in an amount of silicon dioxide nanoparticles, the concentration of the emulsifier, the size of nanoparticles. Changes in the thickness of the polymer over a wide range.



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