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Sato shi, Horikoshi, YuAkaob, TakuOgurac, HidekiSakai, MasahikoAbe and NickSerponed, first synthesized five kinds of water in oil emulsion, in the presence of the five emulsions, TEOS hydrolysis occurs at the oil / water interface, soft template synthesis, eventually cyclohexane emulsion (the most stable emulsion) synthesized in silicon dioxide(SiO2) hollow sphere. Hollow sphere particle size of 100 ± 20nm. The wall thickness of the ball is affected by many factors: the aqueous phase PH value, reaction time, TEOS addition amount and so on.

Chinese Acadamy of Science Dalian Chemical Physical Research Institute, FeiTeng, Zhi Jiantian, Guo Xingxiong, Zhu ShengXu synthesized using silicon dioxide(SiO2) hollow microspheres in a non-ionic reverse microemulsion. Particle size can fluctuate within a nanometer to micrometer range. Diameter and wall thickness of the hollow portion of the SiO2 layer with the amount of reaction material and adding method varies. This method uses a CdS template, the final treatment with HNO3 to form a hollow structure.

Nankai University, Han Zhang, Xu Zhang, Xin linyang, use SiO2(silicon dioxide) / TiO2 bilayer polymeric hollow microspheres are precipitated by evaporation flow controlled sol - gel process and further calcined in air formation. A continuous polymerization and tetrabutyl orthotitanate (TBOT) was added while being controlled by a simple control. To regulate the thickness of methacrylic acid copolymer - wherein the thickness of the double layer are ethylene glycol esters of methacrylic acid.



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