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Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Chen Xingtian, Chenjin Chun study reverse microemulsion method, on the basis of the first synthesis of nano-CdS on the system in situ synthesis of CdS / SiO2(silicon dioxide) composites, after concentrated hydrochloric acid, successfully prepared a uniform dispersion of hollow nano-SiO2. Wherein the particle size of nanoparticles evenly distributed in 30 ~ 50nm, an average layer thickness of 16nm, the thickness of the hollow portion of approximately 10nm.

Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Wang Jiexin, Wen Lixiong, He Ping, Jianfeng and others use nano calcium carbonate particles as a novel inorganic templating agent, sodium silicate as inorganic silicon source, by a sol - forming a core-shell structure CaCO3 / SiO2(silicon dioxide) gel method; followed by high-temperature calcination, acid treatment and drying, synthesized nanometer hollow spherical silica particles having a high specific surface area. Wherein the particle diameter of the hollow portion of the microspheres is about 50 ~ 60 nm, a wall thickness of about 10nm. The SiO2 walls contain many channels.

Materials Science, Fudan University, Deng Wei word, Chen Min, Zhou Shuren school, You bo, Wu Limin, to disperse the soap-free emulsion polymerization method and obtained different sizes of polystyrene (PS) microspheres as templates to positive ethyl silicate (TEOS) as precursor, by controlling the initial volume of ammonia medium, had different size step synthesis of monodisperse silicon dioxide hollow microspheres. By changing the concentration of TEOS to control the wall thickness of the air ball, usually with TEOS concentration increases, the wall thickness of the microspheres and particle size also increased.



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