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Currently, the common pharmaceutical carrier are liposomes, polymers, particles of gold (Au), mesoporous silicon dioxide (the MSN), quantum dots (the QD) and so on. Recently, inorganic nanoparticles, because of their unique properties of light, electricity, magnetism, the size, morphology controllable, large specific surface area and a series of advantages, has attracted wide attention. Among them, since the mesoporous silicon dioxide having ordered and continuously adjustable mesoporous structure, large specific surface area, excellent biocompatibility and surface functional groups is easily modified and other characteristics, is a research drug delivery system hot spot.

Mesoporous silicon dioxide with its unique performance in the field of bio-medicine shows great application prospects, but also will bring rapid development of clinical diagnosis and treatment. Currently, the mesoporous silica-based drug delivery system can be more precisely controlled in terms of size, shape, structure, and in the targeted delivery and controlled release of drugs and multi-functional development has also achieved fruitful results. Developed mesoporous silica biodegradable drug delivery system is an important direction for future development.


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