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Nano-silicon dioxide also have some effect on HaCaT cell apoptosis in vitro, due to the nano-SiO2 routes of exposure to humans mainly for respiratory tract, skin and injection, and the persons using nano SiO2 solution HaCaT cells were exposed to different concentrations of different size and to explore nano on proliferation and apoptosis of HaCaT cells SiO2 exposure and its relationship with ROS for nano-SiO2 skin exposure safety evaluation was provided.

Nano-silicon dioxide is a large-scale production of nano-materials, amorphous nano-SiO2 and oral inhalation does not cause direct harm to the living body, which is considered to be safe biological nano-materials, has been widely used in disease diagnosis, biological analysis and research imaging, drug delivery, and etc., resulting the  increase in its way into the body, the study of its impact on human health is particularly important to realize it as a biomaterial widely used. Chinese Academy of Sciences using hydrazine chemistry based quantitative proteomics impact after the amorphous nano-SiO2 into human lung cancer cells were analyzed, the results showed that after its entry into the cell, resulting in balance within the cell changes that can affect the cell many important expression levels of the protein inside. Changing part of a transmembrane protein expression to elucidate the pathways into cells nano-SiO2 has some significance.


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