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Porous silicon dioxide powder is a kind of sedimentary rock of volcanic ash, it's main component is SiO2. The product is natural fine particle size (about 0.5μm), uniform particle distribution, specific surface area (8.3m2 / g), approximately spherical shape structure non-angular shape. In an electron microscope image, the whole surface of nanoscale mesopores an average pore diameter of about 8.8nm (nanometer).

The porous surface of the quartz powder containing a certain amount of hydroxyl (-OH) - silanol. As the polar functional groups for powder coatings help improve product adhesion and adhesion. On the other hand, due to the presence of hydroxyl groups, more easily through the coupling surface treatment to increase its cross-linking, reinforcing the role of increased physical and mechanical properties of the product but also to improve the tensile strength of the coating.

Porous silicon dioxide powder containing Zro2, zirconia stable, high hardness, plus the porous structure of the porous silica powder coatings have better hardness makes the performance, and the performance impact.

Porous silica powder quartz system belongs to one of the safety of use to be recognized, has been widely used in powder coatings, exterior house paint, thick quality nap paint, fire retardant paint, waterproof coatings, environmental protection coatings, anti-corrosion coatings, inexpensive the porous silica powder can reduce the cost of powder coatings, as well as an alternative to reduce the barium sulfate soluble barium content of products, meet environmental requirements.

Porous natural quartz powder coatings mainly from the incremental and semi-reinforcing effect, can be used for a variety of coatings and architectural coatings, especially primer and intermediate coating, fine crystals silicon dioxide and poly phenol epoxy powder coating can replace up 50% TiO2.

Porous natural quartz powder since it is a porous structure, high porosity, having various shapes and particle structural features, plus there has excellent oil absorption (19 ~ 25g / 100g), oil absorption and irregular structure the combination produces a very good matting effect, high thickening capacity and good pigment suspension, paint used it as a matting agent. Mainly used for plain latex paints and varnishes, primer and paint in some concrete, it shall be added to cover hiding pigment fillers in the paint.

Silicon dioxide  (also known as light silicic acid) due to the large surface area, good thermal stability prevents pigment sedimentation, especially in the use of latex paint, adjust the effective viscosity of paint, sagging and improve the film from extinction effect on film heat stability.

Fumed silicon dioxide is a versatile extender pigment, but also excellent performance coatings rheology control agent. In liquid coatings, rheology control functions that include: thickening, thixotropic, anti-sagging, covering the edges; the solid powder coating system, enhancing the free-flowing powder, and prevent caking of the fluid.



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