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Recently, the international standards set by our country led the development of ISO18473-3 "function pigments and extenders - Part 3: silicone rubber with fumed silicon dioxide" national seminar was successfully held in Guangzhou.

The meeting by the ISO / TC256 "pigments, dyes and pigments constitution" ISO domestic counterparts - the National Standardization Technical Committee paint pigment (SAC / TC5) and ISO / TC256 / WG7 "function pigments and extenders working group" convener Mr. Dai Shifeng organized.

According to reports, this international standard has now progressed to the stage of the Commission (CD18473-3), the international standards of the leading developed to better reflect China fumed silicon dioxide manufacturing enterprises technological advantages and features, while ensuring international standards Development process time limit to the next stage - inquiry stage (DIS18473-3), the experts focused on the major technical content standards, product classification, project settings, test methods and other proposed changes, the successful completion of a predetermined agenda.

US Sherwin-Williams has announced that, in line with expectations, and its acquisition of Valspar case has received US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) asked for more information and notify the relevant documentation, in addition also it received the FTC under the 1976 Hart - related requirements Rodino antitrust improvements Act (HSR Act) proposed - Scott.

March 20, 2016, Sherwin-Williams announced merger agreement with Valspar, and noting that the project has yet to be approved by shareholders of the Company and Valspar meet government conditions, including approval under the HSR Act to the conditions.

According HSR Act, the two sides after the completion of the project in compliance with the relevant requirements of the need to increase the 30-day waiting period, unless in the meantime continue to extend voluntarily by the parties or the Federal Trade Commission early termination of the waiting period.

Sherwin-Williams noted that it and the Valspar related work currently being fully cooperate with the Federal Trade Commission, and the expected date of completion of the transaction the parties to continue to set the end of the first quarter of 2017, while the two sides still believe that to meet the relevant laws and regulations under the premise of any business does not require peeling.



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