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In an organic solvent APTS modify silicon dioxide is another commonly used method for modification. Typically the dried silica pretreated water into toluene and the like in addition to a non-polar organic solvent, or heated under reflux, was added excess at a temperature APTS final dried product was made after the heat curing treatment. If modification reaction under strict anhydrous conditions, APTS main press section (2) types of silicon and silica surface hydroxyl groups of the reaction mechanism reacts monolayer on the silica surface. However, the organic solvent and the silica is difficult to completely remove traces of water, the actual reaction generally not strictly monomolecular layer. However, compared with an aqueous solvent, an organic solvent APTS good reproducibility modified molecular layer of silicon dioxide generated controllability and response, more suitable APTS Reaction Mechanism silica modification.

In recent years, APTS-modified silica vapor deposition method attracted more attention. Gas monolayer easily eliminate the influence of water, APTS according to paragraph (2) kinds of reaction mechanism silanols react with the silica surface can be formed on the surface of silica rule. Etc. In Satu 150) 180e, (2) 5) @ 106mPa, silica deposited on the surface of the monolayer of APTS, and by varying the reaction temperature and the temperature of the pretreatment of the silicon dioxide to achieve a degree of condensation of APTS layer effective control. Compared with the modified liquid phase, vapor phase modified with better controllability and reproducibility, but its operation is more complicated and requires a special reactor.



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