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Nano silicon dioxide after oil wet processing:

Advantage 1:

Nano silicon dioxide without deal with is hard to disperse in ethyl acetate, toluene, butanone, isopropyl alcohol solvent; Oil-wet modified nano silica in ethyl acetate, toluene, butanone, isopropyl alcohol dispersed in organic solvent such as easy, fast, low viscosity.   

Advantage 2:

Didn't handle made of nanometer silicon dioxide coating, generally not dense, not wear-resisting, coarse;  

Lipophilic modified nano silicon dioxide coating paint made good toughness, high density, wear-resistant, smooth coating.

Advantages 3:

Nano silicon dioxide without deal with has dust;

When using oil-wet modified nano silica, no dust, good operating environment.   

Hydrophobic nano silica, compared to the oil-wet nano silica is also have the function that oil-wet hydrophobic, with lotus leaf effect; Used in printing ink can be moistureproof, still can make water-based pen handwriting is easy to erase.   

Water treatment of nanometer silicon dioxide in water wettability due to untreated, dispersion effect is good.


Lipophilic nano silicon dioxide for non-aqueous coatings, paints, glues, plastics, rubber which results are good. It may be used ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, methyl ethyl ketone, toluene, DMF, solvent naphtha, etc. in isopropanol.

Nano-hydrophilic silica for use in waterborne coatings, paints, adhesives, etc., dispersion, and pulp and easy.

Hydrophobic nano-silica can be used for special coating, can play a hydrophobic, water-proof, moisture-proof effect.


Fumed nano silicon dioxide should be stored in ventilated and dry warehouse. During transport, to moisture, water, anti-pressure, do not throw when handling.



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