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Nano silicon dioxide, as one of the main members of nanomaterials, is being more and more widely used in electronics, medicine, biology, rubber, plastic, paint, coating, ceramics and other industries. Since 2000, the company in homemade micelle structure compact, low content of impurities of high quality silica sol as raw material, by adding colloid protective agent, closed colloid surface hydroxyl and the methods of extraction solvent, production particle size in 10-20 nano silica powder.

With the widely application of nanometer materials, nano material "easy to reunite, difficult to disperse" problem has become more and more prominent, nanometer silicon dioxide is no exception. All regular nano silicon dioxide dispersion methods, for example, as follows: (1) first the nano silicon dioxide with 0.5-1.0% of the silane coupling agent treatment; (2) use alcohol diluent water or acetone and other organic solvent mixture; (3) further spread with high speed stirring and ultrasonic method.  

It not only need special dispersing equipment, complex operation, and the only silicon dioxide dispersions of aggregate, far from being a single nanoparticle dispersion, particle size generally a few hundred to several thousand nanometers, appearance also often is milky white, paste, opaque. Due to the large dispersion particles, unable to overcome the interparticle van der vander-waalsforces natural sedimentation and the force of gravity, lead to stable dispersion can't deposit, but also seriously reduces the utilization of nanometer silicon dioxide, inhibits its excellent performance into full play, greatly reduces the use effect.



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