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Due to internal silicon dioxide and surface active silanol base and its adsorption water, to assume the hydrophilicity, difficult to wet and dispersed in the organic phase, and the binding force between organic matrix is poor, easy to cause defects, improves the performance of the composite material is reduced, and silicon dioxide can be used for rubber products, plastic products, adhesives, coatings and other fields, in order to improve this defect, we need through the silica further processing, make originally the hydrophilic oleophobic surface of oil-wet hydrophobic surface, the surface function of change has important value in practical application. Accordingly we use some surface modification methods such as surface modification of precipitated silica, lauryl alcohol silica silica surface modification, surface modification, the gas phase method of amphiphilic polymer modified silica, to hydrophilic silica through modification of hydrophobic silica surface treatment, in order to improve the lipophilicity, dispersibility and compatibility of products, and enables the silica can long-term stability in some of the emulsion dispersion, and can guarantee it with makings after the film can have a good interface bonding.

Due to the silicon dioxide surface hydroxyl, neighboring hydroxyl hydrogen bonding, isolated hydroxyl hydrogen electropositivity is strong, easy and electronegative atom adsorption, dehydration condensation reaction with hydroxyl compounds, reaction with thionyl chloride or carbonyl chloride, content occur esterification reaction and epoxidation. The existence of surface hydroxyl groups make the surface activity of chemical adsorption, moisture son form hydrogen bonding adsorption. Silica surface is hydrophilic, regardless of the gas phase method or precipitation, different degree of difference is only that led to poor compatibility when cooperate with rubber, inside with rubber vulcanization of vulcanization accelerator adsorption and delay. In addition, large specific surface area of silica, small particle size, with rubber hard when mixed with, scattered with Taiwan. Easy flying in the air, and storage and transportation is inconvenient. 

Modification is to change the purpose of physical and chemical properties of the silicon dioxide surface, improve the particles and the compatibility of rubber molecules asked, reinforcing filler and polymer, the smell of interaction to improve processing performance of the filler reinforcing performance. Is based on the principle of silica modified its surface hydroxyl easily react with hydroxyl compounds, easy adsorption of anionic characteristics, therefore, often use fatty alcohols, amines, fatty acid and siloxane modified on it. Surface modification is divided into heat treatment and chemical modification.



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