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Mechanical method is a physical preparation methods of nano-silicon dioxide. It is through the principle of the super fine crushing machine produced by a combination of impact, shear and friction force on the particles silica superfine crushing, then use high efficiency group separation of different size particles, so as to realize the homogenization of nano silica powder particle size distribution and specific. Physical methods of simple production process, large quantity, the production process is easy to control, but the higher requirements for raw materials, and with particle size decreasing, the particles by surface can increase the reunion, it is difficult to further narrow the powder particle size in order to solve this contradiction, can fusion power ultrasound and mixing grinding, grinding media using collision force such as extrusion, shear, impact, and ultrasonic cavitation effect produced by high energy shock waves and micro jet interaction, to a certain concentration of raw material crushing and dispersed in grinding cylinder synchronization. This method combines the advantages of ultrasonic wave and mechanical mixing crushed, make the product easy to achieve nanoscale and mesoscopic narrow dispersed evenly, and distribution.

With the deepening of the research carried out, in order to reduce costs, small particle size, narrow particle size distribution and morphology was fine nano silicon dioxide powder, many scholars have carried out innovative research. And solid instead should method, the use of serpentine preparation of silica, etc., in addition, you can also use the same method to other raw material preparation of nano silicon dioxide. The preparation method of nanometer silicon dioxide has developed very well.

As a kind of high-tech nano materials, preparation methods of nanometer silicon dioxide have varied, but we still need to think about some problems. Such as how to effectively control the preparation of the particle size and morphology of nanometer silicon dioxide; How to reduce the production cost, to adapt to mass production, and so on. So I think it's necessary for us to know more about the silica of various preparation methods, understand the parameter change on the influence of the preparation of nano silicon dioxide, and so on, in order to seek more economic and effective preparation methods. We can also try the method of two or more of these preparation methods used together, take its advantages and its disadvantages, in order to create more effective methods.



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