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In chemical deposition method, wet chemical method using solution because need less energy, less impact on the environment, in today's environment and energy become the problems of attention of the popular, is called the sof t2p rocess (flexible process). In wet chemical method in recent years develop a kind of liquid phase deposition (PD) L, the silicon dioxide(SiO 2) thin film preparation of success by L PD method is the earliest oxide thin films. Usually use H2SiF6 aqueous solution as reaction liquid, integration of the supersaturated the SiO 2 in aqueous solution (in the form of the SiO 2, silica gel or silica), the reaction solution is: H2SiF6 + 2 h2o the SiO 2 + 6 hf. Currently available in quite a low temperature (~ 40 ℃) in the GaA S basal grow on the SiO 2 films, the refractive index is about 1. 423. PLD film-forming process does not need to heat treatment, do not need expensive equipment, simple operation, can be in the shape of complex substrate membrane, so widely used.



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