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Sol-gel method is a method of synthetic materials at low temperature, is a hotspot in the field of materials research. As early as in the middle of the 19th century, the ethyl silicate was discovered Ebelman and Graham under the condition of acid hydrolysis can be "glassy transparent" the silicon dioxide(SiO 2) material, and in the viscosity of the gel can be prepared from fiber and optical lenses. The low production costs, coating of this method is simple and easy for large area USES, and the optical performance is good, suitable for 3 d device. In the past 10 years, people has made great progress in this aspect. 

Usually, the properties of porous the silicon dioxide(SiO 2) films depend on the preparation of sol gel 2 conditions, control conditions (such as sol composition, pH, temperature and time of aging, reflux, etc.), the refractive index can be obtained in 1 009 ~ 1. 440, continuously adjustable, nano network structure controlled the SiO 2. But the SiO 2 minus reflection film (coating) are often not have hydrophobic properties, the influence of the moisture in the air, short service life. 

Improved to ethyl orthosilicate (TEO S) and dimethyl 2 ethoxy silane (DDS). Two kinds of common material as raw material, through both the total hydrolytic polycondensation reaction to the SiO 2 network introduced in hydrophobic organic groups -CH3, hence increasing the hydrophobic properties of the film. At the same time, through to the system of effective control of the sol gel process 2, make the film at the same time has a good anti-reflection performance and toughness. In addition, in the preparation of porous membrane the SiO 2 when adding polyethylene glycol (PEG) can strengthen the crosslinking between the sol particles, improve the mechanical strength of the silicon dioxide(SiO 2) coatings, to improve the laser damage strength.



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