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Thermal oxidation process at high temperatures (900 ~ 1 200 ℃) make the silicon to form the silicon dioxide(SiO 2) surface oxidation method, including dry oxygen oxygen oxidation, wet oxidation, and the water vapor oxidation. Use dry oxygen atmosphere of high temperature oxidation, the thickness of the growth of the SiO 2 required for about 10 nm oxidation time is very short, conventional resistance wire heating oxidation furnace can't control the oxidation so short time. And using high temperature low pressure oxidation method, oxidation time will increase, the conventional oxidation furnace can control the longer oxidation time, but a long time high temperature process will cause the redistribution of doped impurity, this is a very large scale integrated circuit technology in the don't want. 

In order to solve the above problem, there is a new method for preparation of ultra-thin film the silicon dioxide(SiO 2) - rapid thermal oxidation technology, or the rapid thermal oxidation (Rap id ThermalO x idat ion). This method using rapid thermal processing system, precise control of high temperature oxidation process for a short period of time, the excellent performance of ultrathin the SiO 2 films. Such as silane deposition the SiO 2 oxide thin film at low temperature in a temperature of 400 ℃ or so, the oxygen in the atmosphere of silane (SiH4) thermal decomposition on the surface of the substrate, and react with oxygen to form the SiO 2, the chemical reaction is: SiH4 + 2 o 2 left the SiO 2 + 2 h2o write (or H2 write). In order to prevent silane spontaneous combustion, often use nitrogen (N 2) or argon (r) A diluted silane. 

In these conditions or long thin film, has high dielectric strength and fairly fast growth speed. This method has the characteristic of simple equipment, low temperature, do not generate gaseous organic groups, growth rate, film thickness is easy to control; Defect is the difference in large area uniformity, structure is loose, the corrosion speed faster, oxidation and gas pipelines easy occurrence silane, white powder, and deposition of the silicon dioxide(SiO 2) dust pollution is inevitable.



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