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Compared with monodisperse silicon dioxide particles, nano-silica particles chain has a characteristic four aspects: ① resilient nanoparticles chain; ② nanoparticle chains of reunion; particle chain ③ rough surface activity; ④ chain between particles "neck" and branched structural form. The surface characteristics of the polymer molecules and silica particles whose affinity adsorption on the surface and the formation of closely bound rubber; silica particles chain properties and morphology distribution in the matrix will be reinforced, rubber toughening have a considerable impact. Surface of the nanoparticles phase, interphase and dispersion morphology have an impact on the physical properties of materials, design and control of their research will be key to the new material.

During mixing silica with the rubber, the silicon dioxide agglomerates after shearing, extrusion, stretching and rupture, and then evacuated to a nanoparticle aggregates chain, nano-silica particles and the rubber molecule chains entangled chains between the junction and adsorption, chain and chain in the absence of stress conditions will be re-curled into a random aggregates, this is no longer the original agglomerates, but the inorganic / organic molecular beam horizontal chain micron composite aggregates its structure more closely, extending between opposite chain to chain, showing diffuse, forming a good interface, two-phase system, the real significance of the nanocomposite. When Zhang Liqun and other observations of this complex aggregates by scanning electron microscopy (SEM) found in a small magnification to see the complex aggregates is smaller, at higher magnification can see aggregates, indicating chain nanoparticles dispersed structure reinforced rubber elastic polymer is more complex than monodisperse nanoparticles or micron particle reinforcement. Different structures at different resolution and magnification electron microscope to observe the complex aggregates. Structural composite aggregates greater impact on the properties of the composites. Since the composite spherical aggregates, so that all parts of the composite body by force, can produce the same physical properties to each. 

When subjected to an external force greater than a certain value, on the one hand with the composite reunion physical body becomes the base and through its own process of yielding to absorb a large amount of deformation work; on the other hand due to the complex between the inorganic particles and aggregates in the presence of the polymer difference when subjected to external force, will have a lot of craze, a lot of energy; the same time, when the craze encountered nanoparticles chain branching occurs and steering, play better reinforcement, toughening effect. At this complex aggregates of spherical ball into flat and oriented in the stretching direction, as shown in Figure. The resulting reinforcing effect: ① already yielding complex aggregates deformed cross each other and / or take the bridge, were "goods" shape, as shown in Figure, the yield extended to the whole region, to form an overall yield deformation, avoid stress concentration caused by brittle fracture; ② crack deflection occurs experiencing flat composite spherical aggregates, the deflection direction is not conducive to the development of cracks (ie pull in the same direction), to extend the crack path, increase energy consumption, play good reinforcement, toughening effect, that "complex aggregates" reinforcing mechanism.



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