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US scientists found that FriedlanderSK Research aerosols, carbon black, silicon dioxide, titanium dioxide, iron oxide, aluminum oxide and nano-particle chains of other transition metal oxides have similar elasticity properties. The results show, electron microscope grid on the inorganic oxide nanoparticles chain-like aggregates film is placed on a hole (referred to as nanoparticles chain) across the middle of the apertures in the adhesive to the edge of the orifice, e.g. Figure below; in the electron beam irradiation, partial film evaporator, the expansion orifice, the nanoparticles along straight chain elongation, an elongation of 90%, shown in Figure; if when the end of the chain disengagement nanoparticles edge apertures, chain contraction nanoparticles curl up into a ball and on the edge of the hole, as shown in Figure. 

This phenomenon is explained under tension, the chain will straighten elongated nanoparticles, namely nanoparticle chains with similar mechanical elastic polymer chain, referred to as resilient nanoparticles chain; after releasing tension, particle chains curl again gathered into groups, namely nanoparticles chain reunion, thus found nanoparticle chains with similar elasticity properties of the polymer chain. Subsequently, they found that nanoparticles chain network has also formed a similar elasticity properties of the polymer chain. Nanoparticles an elastic chain has an important impact on the nano-powders in polymer dispersion. Because nanoparticles chain can stretch only been in contact with the treatment agent when the tension, which may cause a single treatment agent before the nanoparticle chain has not put stretch agglomerated covered up. Once the aggregate surface treatment agent is coated, nano powder will be difficult to disperse in the polymer, or dispersed micron-sized aggregates, rather than dispersing nanoparticles chain. If the micron-sized aggregates saved to the final product, due to far less than the density of aggregates of primary particles density aggregates becomes defective products, from the damaging effects. This should arouse enough attention to avoid aggregate surface treatment agent is coated.



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