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FIG. 1 is a pyridine adsorption on silicon dioxide and calcined at different temperatures AMT SiO2 catalyst - desorption IR spectra. SiO2 in 1445 and 1600cm-1 located at the two strong peaks and absorption peaks at 1579cm-1 is a hydrogen on SiO2 bonded pyridine infrared absorption peak. When the load on SiO2 metatungstate, respectively, in 1540 and 1640cm-1 occurs around the infrared signature of B acid absorption peaks at 1623cm-1 occurs around the L acid characteristic peaks, 1490cm -1 for the B acid and L acid infrared absorption peak, indicating an B and L acid sites after SiO2 load of ammonium paratungstate, 1445cm-1 at the strong infrared absorption peak and SiO2 carrier may pyridine adsorption of L acid sites the hydrogen bonding pyridine superimposed infrared absorption peak. also, we can see that the total amount of acid low temperature calcination of AMT / SiO2 catalyst was slightly higher than the high temperature calcined sample.

By the NH3-TPD spectrum, CO2-TPD spectra and IR spectra results can be seen, the presence of a weak acid are calcined at different temperatures on the AMT / SiO2 catalyst - the center of a weak base, an acid which performance and previous studies of preferred phosphate catalyst system the characterization results consistent with a base, and further illustrates the presence of a suitable catalyst surface acidic and basic centers conducive catechol monoethers and methanol vapor reaction. further, since the firing temperature different degrees AMT / silicon dioxide catalyst and the decomposition AMT the product formed is different, resulting in acid-base catalyst surface center nature of certain changes affecting the activity and stability of the catalyst.



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