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Hydrophobic silicon dioxide is the use of polydimethylsiloxane as the main modifier of nano silica particles using liquid situ surface modification technology by modification. The specific surface area was 170 ± 20m2 / g, primary particle size of less than 25nm, agglomerate size of about 5 microns, SiO2 content of not less than 99.5%, is a versatile addition. Defoamers is an important aid in the industry, but with less essential, widely used in the textile, paper, petroleum, food, pharmaceutical and so on. Defoamers targeted and specific, since different mechanisms and conditions of each bubble effervescence system, the foaming system require different defoamers. It is generally divided into non-silicon and silicon-based anti-foaming agent. Non-silicon-based, such as higher alcohols, acids, hydrocarbon, polyether, ester, phosphate, etc., and a large amount of their applicability small; silicon-based anti-foaming agent is a silicone oil / silica-modified silicone oil and silicone cream as anti-foaming agent the main component is the most widely used and most efficient for a class of anti-foaming agent. Comparison with other types of defoamers, there are several salient features:

1. Dispersion: An important measure of the quality of defoamers is dispersion. Solubility small and large dispersion of the material in order to become active ingredient defoamer. Dimethyl silicone antifoaming agent as a main component, the solubility is also small and scattered small, it must use silicon dioxide, emulsifying and dispersing other additives to improve its dispersion effect. Due to the presence of fine particles of SiO2, silicone oil can rapidly spread in the bubble liquid, silicone oil improves the efficiency of the dispersion, thereby improving the antifoaming effect. Therefore, hydrophobic silica defoamers as a very important dispersant.

2. Adsorption: SiO2 in defoamers an important role adsorption. Due to the small particle size, surface area, surface energy higher than the three-dimensional network structure, SiO2 may be formed a great force absorption bubbles, which bubbles and silicone together constitute attack force, i.e., causing bubble shock and adsorbed SiO2 weak points in the role of a low surface tension of silicone oil bubble burst led to broken bulbs. Thus, SiO2 equivalent to "tip" in defoamers, but with a less significant role. It is efficient and silicone defoamers as an active ingredient, a composite efficient and synergistic anti-foaming effect.

3. The anti-settling thickening effect: an important indicator of emulsion type silicone defoamers and anti-foaming effect of the storage stability, in particular silicon-containing cream emulsion. Effect of emulsion stability for many reasons, such as the particle size of the emulsion, the emulsion viscosity. Emulsion particle size emulsion defoamers most important control index, generally require a particle size of less than 10um. Emulsion particle size depends on the selection process and the particle size of the emulsion emulsifier. Hydrophobic silicon dioxide JY100-09X minimum particle size of up to about 5um, oil emulsion containing particles of SiO2 particles constituting such a very small, a very large number of units in the bubble defoaming basic solution, so that to achieve the best defoamer good anti-foaming effect. At the same time due to the small particle size, surface area, a stable three-dimensional network of hydrogen bonds so that SiO2 particles can be uniformly and stably distributed in the whole system, so the system storage stability.



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