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Complex micelle of an anionic surfactant and a cationic polyelectrolyte formed as template, can be synthesized highly ordered mesoporous silicon dioxide particles. On this basis, we expand the types of anionic surfactants, and by changing the amount of different anionic surfactants, pH of the reaction solution, PAC chain length and other conditions, synthesized mesoporous silica structures and different morphologies silicon.

Using the sol-gel method on the glass coating system Terbium doped silicon dioxide film, discuss the rare earth metals Tb ^ 3 + and Zn ^ 2 + doping and doping of the film sample transmittance curve, luminous and solar photovoltaic Effect of conversion efficiency. Experimental results show that the rare earth metals Tb ^ 3 + and Zn ^ 2 + doping amount were 0.4%, the luminous output power and solar film sample highest solar cell conversion efficiency of 6.25%. Achieve the dual function of reducing reflection and UV-visible light wave conversion.

Preparation of colloidal silicon dioxide curable powder pellets, and preparation process were studied. Method: First prepared flavonoids phospholipid component complexes and colloidal silica and cured to give a cured powder. Its main drug, by a single factor screening experiments prepared pellets wetting agents, drug loading and disintegrating agents, with roundness and yield evaluation pellets, orthogonal experimental design selecting the best Preparation Process. Results: Select 30% ethanol as a wetting agent to determine the drug loading of 70%, select CMC-Na as a disintegrating agent. Optimum preparation time is determined to be rounded 4min, rounded frequency 30Hz, extrusion frequency of 30Hz. Conclusion: The pellets prepared in stable, verification test results showed that the preparation of scientific and rational process.



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