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Copper surface to improve performance, increase service life, silicon dioxide-penetration, by powder pack cementation techniques to carry out industrial copper silicon infiltration process. Siliconized layer prepared in Cu_ (0.83) Si_ (0.17), Cu_9Si, Cu_ (6.69) Si phase and other produce, the highest diffusion layer hardness up 349HV0.05, about 5.80 times that of the substrate. Different environments infiltration silicon layer corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, after copper infiltration of silicon acid, salt and artificial seawater performance than the matrix increased 2.26,3.77,4.38 times, 18.00 times the antioxidant properties improve. The results showed that the use of silica in the industrial copper surface preparation infiltration silicon layer is feasible.

A design in the 0.3 ~ 1.1 THz THz hypermedia two openings, the minimum transmission coefficient of 0.06, the amplitude of the transmission bandwidth of 0.5 or less as 0.11 THz. Using the equivalent circuit method of resonance characteristics of this ultra-media unit of theoretical analysis with HFSS media unit for ultra-simulation analysis. The results show that the structural parameters of super-media unit to its resonance characteristics of the theoretical analysis is consistent. By hypermedia structure parameters analysis, to adjust the resonance characteristics of the super-media unit, adjust its outer opening slit width is the most effective and direct way.

In different types of amino acid derivatives as a template, its influence was studied at different speeds, and the concentration of the silicon source mesoporous silica nano-topography. Studies have shown that with the increase of the templating agent carbon chain length, the morphology of silicon dioxide prepared by the experienced to the ball and then stick sheet changes; with the increase of stirring speed, the morphology of silica prepared occurred by the band (piece) to change spherical shape; template concentration increases will lead to rupture of the silica nanoparticles; silicon source for silicon dioxide nano-topography has important implications.



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