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"Agricultural waste" of rice husk waste into treasure of technology has become a reality. Recently, the Institute of Jilin University professor Wang Zichen led group, the success of nano-silicon dioxide extract from rice husk. The experts believe that the results of this study ranking the international advanced level.

According to reports, with the advent of the world's energy and resource crisis, crop-based renewable resources, is the world's developed countries in particular research and utilization of hot spots. Rice husk is a renewable resource straw and husk crop generated the most research and development value. China's annual production over 400 million tons of rice, rice husk can produce over 80 million tons, accounting for more than 30% of the world total, ranking first in the world, rice husk raw material resources are very rich. After conventional rice ground rice, rice husks are often thrown into the roadside ditch or buried, it has become "agricultural refuse." Moreover, since rice husk hard corrosion-resistant, even after being buried away in the soil degradation can hardly be likely to cause adverse changes in land component.

In order to make full use of rice husk resources, Wangzi Chen led the research group, has been dedicated to rice husk resource utilization technology research. They contain properties of silicon by rice husk, using a directional etch selectivity of the reaction, pyrolysis temperature, etc., are extracted from the husk of nano-silicon dioxide, and has a strong biological activity and other high-tech wood vinegar product. Also, rice husk combustion heat recycling enables the production of all its own heat, greatly reducing the cost of production; the combustion exhaust, reducing environmental pollution.

According to reports, the silica is the most important inorganic chemical products, widely used in more than 20 areas of rubber, plastics, paint and so on. Meanwhile, the application can greatly improve product performance, such as the side of the tire rubber flexural properties from the original 100,000 to more than 50 million times; washability performance exterior paint from the original 1000 increased to more than 10,000 times times. Extract silica from rice husk and has the indisputable raw food, do not fight, the amount of more inexpensive, and compared with other methods for preparing nano-silica production process is simple, low investment, low cost and unique advantages, easy to industrialization; and rice husk silicon impurities less easy to purify, capable of producing high purity nano-silicon dioxide can be used in solar energy, high-tech field of electronic devices and other applications. Therefore, its successful development, not only can take advantage of this "agricultural waste" to reduce environmental pollution, but also has an important value for development, has become a new kind of renewable resources, it will have huge economic and social importance.



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