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Due to the blocking effect of large quantities of fillers, coating it difficult to penetrate the electrolyte solution, interfacial mass transfer processes involved in corrosion reaction reaction particles may also be a step slow so that impedance spectra will always be a Warburg impedance characteristics appear in the coating soak the medium term. Join fill material coating whether in the mid or late, the impedance values are greater than the varnish coating resistance. in the mid-stage paint coating resistance reaches 108 · 26Ω. Since 30 days, more severe corrosion coating could not measure its resistance value size by comparison with Figure 6 Figure 1 Join seen KH-560 modified silicon dioxide sol modified paint than in white paint on the corrosion resistance has greatly improved.


1) by sol - gel method KH-560 modified SiO2 / epoxy organic - inorganic hybrid coatings when KH-560 modified silica and epoxy resin ratio is 3:2, the formed between the inorganic and organic phases interpenetrating network structure, no obvious phase interface, two-phase presence of a bond and hydrogen bond.

2) performance test results showed that when KH-560 modified silica and epoxy resin ratio is 3:2, the coating adhesion, hardness, impact resistance and good flexibility, while the coating acid, alkali resistance, gasoline, distilled water and salt water resistant effect to the actual level of use.

3) TGA test results show that when KH-560 modified silicon dioxide sol with an epoxy resin ratio is 3:2, the strong high-temperature properties of the coating. AC impedance measurements showed that the varnish and paint coatings high corrosion resistance.



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