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Different soaking time of KH-560 modified silicon dioxide sol blending epoxy varnish Nyquist diagram. Since the varnish coating did not add any fillers, the electrolyte solution can easily penetrate the coating, reaching the metal / coating interface. When the electrolyte coating solution was impregnated into the pores of the coating from the coating in the initial immersion of the electrolyte solution is much smaller than the speed of the corrosion product is generated in the electrolyte at the interface speed, high-insoluble corrosion product concentration at the interface, diffusion To the solution, at this time diffusion corrosion process. 

Nyquist picture shows a linear arc trailing early immersion graph, increasing immersion time, trailing disappear, Nyquist diagram becomes gradually large diameter capacitive arcs, soak into the medium term. This is due to the early immersion although the aqueous solution by coating the swelling penetrate into the pores in the coating slit coating surface, but only a few of the water reaches the coated metal substrate interface. as water continues to penetrate into the coating so that the coating pores increases after the diffusion process no longer play the role of control, but is controlled by the charge transfer process. solution reaches the interface, generated at the interface of the passivation film and accelerate the generation of corrosion products. Soaking the middle as more electrolyte reaches the interface, whereupon the capacitance between the electrolyte and corrosion product model, the diffusion characteristics disappear. With the extension of immersion time, coating resistance increasingly smaller. immersion to 30 d, the resistance value of the coating is significantly reduced, significantly less than 105Ω · cm2, the coating has lost its protective effect. this may be due with the electrolyte continues to penetrate into the organic coating, a large number of Cl- destroys the corrosion product is generated at the interface leads to increased corrosion.



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