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Based on epoxy resin coating film-forming resin, the internal stress, brittle texture, crack resistance, impact resistance, low moisture and heat resistance and poor peel strength silicone backbone of inorganic Si-O bond, its bond energy is much higher than the C-C bond, high temperature stability. in addition, Si-O-Si bond angle, bond Si-O bond is long, so the Si-O-Si rotate freely, the molecular chain is more supple. KH -560 modified silicon dioxide, which can be crosslinked with hydroxyl curable epoxy group, and epoxy resin blends, while the residual hydroxyl group with an epoxy resin dehydration condensation; on the other hand, an epoxy group and polyamides crosslinking reaction of the organic - inorganic hybrid interaction can improve the mechanical properties of the epoxy resin as a matrix resin toughness of the coating of TEOS and KH-560 with an epoxy resin condensates with different than prepared SiO2 sol / organic modified epoxy resin - inorganic hybrid coatings were compared with tin plate as a substrate.

Paint is dry speed from fast to slow turn 1:4 <2:3 <1:1 <3:2 <4:1. When the ratio of 1:4, the film deposition is very poor, and the dry time is very long, most of the time do not meet the needs of the plant or pipeline construction work. good curing speed is 3:2 and 4:1, good mechanical properties of the coating. While the Si-O-Si bond length is longer bond angle is large, good flexibility, but at a certain percentage, the hardness of the system not because of the addition of modified silica decreased.

Silicon dioxide material having a low surface tension and good electrical properties. However, due to intermolecular force is small, which is slightly lower mechanical properties, oil resistance is poor. According to the results in Table 3 prove this point, KH-560 modified SiO2 sol ratio in the system is too large, and the epoxy resin proportion 4:1 and 3:2, the coating acid, alkali resistance, gasoline soaked performance are poor. when the epoxy content increased, as the ratio of 1:1, 2:3 and 1:4, the coating of acid and alkali resistance, distilled water, salt water resistance, gasoline soaked performance is very good.



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