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Silicon dioxide sol is characterized by high temperature stability, Si-O-Si bond energy than C-O, high C-C bond more with the epoxy resin-modified silica silicon dioxide ratio 3:2 prepared under conditions resulting organic - inorganic hybrid . TGA graph coatings as well as traditional epoxy coating epoxy coating is heated to 100 ℃ appear after significant thermal weightlessness, and the residue was 70%, while organic - inorganic hybrid coatings was 300 ℃ Chaoguo thermally decomposed at between 320 ~ 500 ℃ has a weight loss internet. contrast curve can be found, after adding KH-560 modified SiO2 sol, thermal stability significantly improved, because, on the one hand Si-O-Si bond energy strong inorganic SiO2 network and on the other hand the epoxy polymer chains with each other forming an interpenetrating crosslinked structure, the inorganic network formation inhibiting movement of the polymer chain, such that segmental motion of the polymer under the effect of thermal stress It becomes difficult, and thus significantly improve the hybrid coatings heat resistance.

Analysis were blank and epoxy-modified epoxy varnish coating contact angle. The contact angle blank epoxy clearcoat surface is 45 · 56 °, and the contact angle of the surface of the epoxy-modified clearcoat 65 · 38 °. This suggests that added KH-560 modified SiO2 sol, the contact angle of water on the coated surface becomes large, clear water-repellent, causes large contact angle is modified silicon dioxide silicon solution has to during the curing process surface enrichment trends.



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