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Experiment process:

1) Sol - gel method KH-560 modified silicon dioxide sol according TEOS:KH-560 = 1:4 (molar ratio), the TEOS and KH-560 was added three-necked flask, adding an appropriate amount of catalyst, ethanol and distilled water, The reaction at 78 ℃ 6 h.

After completion of the reaction, vacuum heating, removal of byproducts and solvents such as ethanol. After the complete removal of byproducts, to give a clear and transparent KH-560 modified SiO2 sol.

2) Modified SiO2 sol / organic-inorganic hybrid epoxy coating formulated and brushing

The epoxy resin was added to n-butanol: xylene = 1/1 solvent, and then according to different proportions KH-560 modified SiO2 sol was added thereto, mixing evenly, then add the recipe (see Table 1) established given various fillers, vigorous stirring evenly dispersed. the polyamide resin dissolved in n-butanol / toluene solvent mixture is uniformly dissolved in the added KH-560 modified silica SiO2 / epoxy and mix well. place half hours later, it was applied to degreased polished tin plate. after drying at room temperature, and then cured for 2 h at 80 deg.] C, the performance test.

KH-560 and SiO2  sol - gel reactions can be studied by IR, and sol - gel reactions product with an epoxy resin crosslinking after curing.

After hydrolysis of TEOS SiO2 surface hydroxyl-containing inorganic network at the same time, a silane coupling agent hydrolyzate and partial condensation occurs, its hydrolysis product with silica surface hydroxyl dehydration condensation of the network structure, played a role in surface-modified; silica particles once formed a silane coupling agent was modified to prevent the further growth of the particles and aggregates to improve the dispersion of nanoparticles.



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