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By a sol - gel method γ- glycidoxypropyl trimethoxysilane silane (KH-560) modified silicon dioxide sol, with its blend of modified epoxy resin to prepare an organic - inorganic hybrid coatings use. Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR), the contact angle, thermal gravimetric (TGA) and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) and other preparation of the coating was characterized. Results show that: when the quality of modified SiO2 sol and the ratio of the epoxy resin 3:2, the adhesion, hardness, flexibility and impact resistance properties of the coating of the best, while the coating acid, alkali resistance, gasoline resistance, distilled water and salt water has reached the actual effect of the use of standard hybrid coating inorganic SiO2 phase epoxy resin phase and the presence of chemical bonds hydrogen bond, organic - inorganic hybrid crosslinked coating improves the results of high temperature and corrosion resistance.

Epoxy resin (EP) has excellent adhesion, abrasion resistance, electrical insulation resistance, high temperature resistance, chemical resistance, while having good adhesion, excellent mechanical properties and low shrinkage, easy processing and cost low, etc., so often used as a metal anti-corrosion coating materials. But the pure epoxy curing a three-dimensional network structure, high crosslink density, the presence of a large internal stress and texture brittle, crack resistance, impact resistance, poor wet heat resistance and peel strength and low defects, so it should be largely restricted in some harsh environments by a sol - gel prepared by modified SiO2 sol silane coupling agent, and mixed into the epoxy oligomer, crosslinking after thermal curing, to obtain an organic - inorganic hybrid coatings SiO2 sol-modified silane coupling agent is added in accordance with a certain percentage of the epoxy resin obtained hybrid coatings with good. chemical resistance, thermal stability and good machinability. in this hybrid system, silane coupling agent KH-560 epoxy-containing silicate network coupled to silanol groups and composition terminal epoxy groups with an organic - inorganic hybrid network, improve epoxy phase and inorganic silicon dioxide sol phase compatibility, improve the coating corrosion resistance and overall system performance.



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