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In general, the fumed silicon dioxide has two categories: hydrophilic and hydrophobic. For general orthophthalic and isophthalic unsaturated resins generally used hydrophilic products. For polar resin, it is recommended to use a hydrophobic product. In addition, the specific surface area fumed silica, styrene content resins, additives, cobalt salts and transparency requirements, adding the use of fumed silica in the order, also have a considerable impact. In the hope that users in the use of fumed silica, ask for more vendors to choose a more suitable materials and processes. The second is dispersed. Ensure access to appropriate fumed silica dispersed in a resin is the key to let it function effectively, decentralized design, the better, the better the effectiveness.

Data show that the gel coat resins may be used hydrophilic fumed silicon dioxide having a very small particle size (primary particle size 7 ~ 45 nm) and maximum surface area (200 ~ 380 m2 / g). In response to this situation, this paper describes the fumed silica in the resin application experiments to study the effects of unsaturated resin is thixotropic and viscosity factors. Simultaneous determination of the mechanical properties of the resin cast and discusses the factors affecting the performance.


(1) The fumed silica is added to the unsaturated resin to ensure adequate dispersion, a suitable temperature, the viscosity and thixotropic resin system has been greatly improved, the application performance can achieve the needs of users .

(2) adding fumed silica gel coat resin on the mechanical properties greatly improved, wherein the amount of silica filling optimum range is 2.5% to 3.0%.

(3) In this study, Shenyang Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. fumed silica products and Wacker were compared, indicating domestic fumed silica has reached the international level, to meet the user's requirements resin.


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