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Use general angular silicon dioxide as raw material, oxygen - acetylene flame Preparation of the spherical silica. The epoxy resin (E-51), curing agent (906), and after curing accelerator (DMP-30), and spherical silica according to different proportions by mechanical mixing, ultrasonic dispersion and the curing temperature (100 ℃, 2 h and 150 ℃, 2 h) after the preparation of the silica / epoxy composites. Comparative Study on the front and rear spherical silica thermal and mechanical properties of epoxy resin casting system. The results show that: the spherical silica is added to improve the thermal stability of the epoxy resin, the amount of 30% thermal decomposition temperature maximum 340 ℃, after spherical silica / epoxy composite thermal expansion coefficient and the initial before the viscosity significantly lower than the spherical shape of the mechanical properties are improved.

Silicon dioxide (silica powder) is currently the main electronic packaging materials of inorganic filler, with the continuous development of the electronics industry, the silica is increasingly demanding, not only requires its ultra-fine, high-purity, but also to ensure the electronic job stability components, requiring low content of radioactive elements, especially spherical particles of requests, become an indispensable quality inorganic filler. This is because the spherical silica powder having high fluidity, low expansion coefficient, high filling, low stress, excellent performance. At present, the major countries to master the spherical silica powder preparation technology are Japan, the United States, Germany and Russia, there are no reports of the technology industry. In this paper, using an oxygen - acetylene flame Preparation of spherical silica, and prepared silica / epoxy composites were studied before and after the spherical silica / epoxy composite system performance changes.



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