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Nano-silicon dioxide-modified silicone - Preparation of epoxy silane coupling agent added B 5g, MTES 10g, 20g ethanol, and little catalyst were mixed and heated to 60 ~ 80 ℃, 20g of absolute ethanol was added dropwise over 3h and deionized water mixture, heat 5h, nano-SiO2 was obtained. Nano-SiO2 liquid and 2.2.1 of the first component and the second component of the mixture, and the resulting nano-SiO2 modified silicone - epoxy.

Nano-silicon dioxide-modified silicone - epoxy coatings change the light transmittance. Nano-SiO2 modified silicone without ultraviolet irradiation - epoxy coatings and silicone - epoxy coating without much difference, indicating that nano-SiO2-modified silicone - epoxy coating transparency, no significant phase separation . After 10min ultraviolet irradiation, nano-SiO2 modified silicone - epoxy coatings comparing silicone - epoxy coatings have significantly improved resistance to aging, the transmittance is still maintained at about 90%, even when the wavelength of about 400nm ultraviolet region, nano-SiO2 modified silicone - epoxy-coated translucent rate remained at around 95%; 20min after ultraviolet irradiation, light transmission rate is still maintained at 90% at a wavelength of about 400nm ultraviolet region, nano-SiO2 modified silicone - epoxy coating light transmission rate remained at around 92%.


(1) In this paper, with a hydroxy silicone and bisphenol A epoxy resin polycondensation silicone-modified epoxy resin, and the use of nano-SiO2 modified silicone - epoxy resins, long-term storage can be saved, transparent, regardless layer with anti-corrosion coating prepared therefrom have good chemical resistance and good heat resistance. The synthesis method has simple, reliable, little environmental pollution.

(2) Comprehensive Test Results of adding silicone effective to enhance the heat resistance and resistance to aging, the best ratio of the epoxy resin should be in the epoxy silicone quality than 2:1. Nano-SiO2 modified silicone - epoxy resins, silicone can be further improved - resistant epoxy coating of aging, after the strong ultraviolet radiation, found that the silicone - epoxy after nano silicon dioxide modified with a UV significant shielding effect.

(3) the use of silicone-modified epoxy resin coating flexibility, impact strength, adhesion significantly improve the mechanical properties, it can be seen from the SEM image, the section boundaries modified mechanical fracture surface coating fuzzy, crack propagation direction tend to disperse, toughening effect is more obvious, no phase separation phenomenon.

Using silicone-modified epoxy resin, anti-corrosion properties of the coating and almost pure epoxy coating, not decreased.



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