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Silicon dioxide substance found in nature, but often failed to meet the purity requirements. Cosmetics have a very high purity standards. Synthetic amorphous silica on the chemical composition identical to naturally occurring silica (such as sand), but thanks to Evonik's production process, which is significantly higher than the natural purity silica.

In the past, cosmetics scrubs usually contain polyethylene and polypropylene particles. "Currently, all leading cosmetics and body care products manufacturer, is committed to replace polishing plastic particles," resource efficiency sector silicon dioxide Evonik Business Line Leader AndreasFischer said. Background This results in a trend for public discussion of the plastic marine pollution caused by fine particles. Given the plastic particulate contamination of the marine environment, people are increasingly concerned about the cosmetics of other synthetic particles. "Special high purity silica is an ideal solution because it can fully meet the requirements of cosmetics on the matte particles," Fischer said.

Compared with other alternatives polyethylene beads, specialty silicon dioxide is a cost-effective choice. Global industrial production to ensure supply, at the same time, Evonik decades of experience in production and processing, and can be quickly and easily applied to this particular performance-related products, we will give customers more advantages.



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