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KH570, n-octanol, hexamethyldisilazane alkyl amines as modifiers of surface-modified nano-silicon dioxide prepared modified nano silica grease. The results showed that, compared with non-modified nano-silica grease, the modified anti-aging hardening, water-resistance and better mechanical stability and other properties, each modifier has the most suitable modification conditions, KH570 modified the nano-silica grease best overall performance.

In phosphate fertilizer production process by-product fluosilicic acid was prepared from high purity silica. Fluorosilicic acid and ammonia to give ammonium fluorosilicate solution and adding ammonium salt precipitation of calcium and magnesium ions, adding ferric ion precipitation of calcium salts, ammonium fluorosilicate solution was filtered to give purified after standing; the decontamination liquid fluosilicic ammonium and ammonia produced by the reaction of silica precipitation, filtration, hot washing, drying and calcining to obtain a high-purity silica. SiO2 samples meet the national standard requirements. Experiments showed that high purity silicon dioxide fluorosilicic acid preparation technology is feasible. The process is characterized by low value-added fluorine acid is converted to high value-added high-purity SiO2, calcium salts suitable impurity, less reaction steps, the process is simple, mild operating conditions.



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