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By a sol - gel method silicon dioxide prepared by sol, and spray drying method was used Form Regulation scanning electron microscopy (SEM), result showed that the spray-dried silica particles from a recombinant form a homogeneous having a cyclic structure. fine silica aggregates (PC16MS). nanocomposites were prepared by melt blending silica / polypropylene (PP), we studied PC16MS join its microstructure, crystal structure, crystallization behavior, spherulitic morphology, crystal nucleus density and spherulite growth rate and so on. 

By differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), polarizing phase contrast microscopy (POM) and wide angle X-ray diffraction (WAXRD) analysis showed that the PP crystallization initial stage, PC16MS added substantially increased the nucleation density matrix material and grain refinement, shortening the crystallization time; when 2% (mass fraction) of PC16MS, the crystallization temperature of the composite material relative to pure PP improved 10.4 ℃, into nuclear efficiency of 39.1%, better than most of the inorganic nucleating agent, nucleation efficiency under the same conditions, has not been added 2% nano silicon dioxide spray drying process (NC16MS), the crystallization temperature of the composite material relative to pure PP increase 3.26 ℃, nucleation efficiency of 12.3%. the results show that the spray dried form of silica particles from a recombinant, homogeneous metastable micro-aggregates formed in the melt-extrusion process to re-disperse nanoparticles effectively improve silica as a nucleating agent, nucleation efficiency.

Use sol - gel method to prepare chitosan-modified silica, and prepared by co-sedimentation chitosan modified silicon dioxide / natural rubber (NR) SYSTEM composites investigated the amount of chitosan composites cure characteristics, tensile properties, impact resistance, aging properties, tensile specimens and observed fracture surface with a scanning electron microscope. The results showed that chitosan was added, NR composite performance improved significantly, when an amount of 0.5 g, curing characteristics and tensile properties of the composites best cure time of 1.95 min, a tensile strength of 24.01 MPa, elongation at break reached 256%; when chitosan dosage 0.3 g, the tensile strength of the vulcanized rubber and elongation properties to maintain the highest index and the best anti-aging properties.



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