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Utilizing electrodeposition method a glassy carbon electrode surface prepared silicon dioxide - chitosan (CHI) - (SEM) technology graphene oxide (GO) -Ru (bpy) 2 + 3 composite membrane, and scanning electron microscopy, cyclic voltammetry law (CV), electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) and electrochemical chemiluminescence (ECL) on the nature of the modified electrode was studied. The results showed that the chitosan and oxidized graphene introduced silicon oxide film can improve electron transport speed of the film and immobilized Ru (bpy) 2 + 3 to maintain a good electrochemical activity in the film. Composite membrane immobilized Ru (bpy) 2 + 3 showing stable ECL signal. Ranitidine Hydrochloride ECL signals to the electrodes have a sensitizing effect, the sensitization ECL signal and logarithm of the concentration of ranitidine hydrochloride in 1.0 × 10-9 ~ 5.0 × 10-6mol / L within the range of linear correlation coefficient r = 0.9908, the detection limit of 5 × 10-10mol / L.

Experiment: add different size silicon dioxide combat, study the effects of strong foam extinguishing agents. Compared Add 15Inm, 30nm silicon dioxide microsilica buckle the foam stability, thermal stability and surface morphology is formed. Plateau borders and use of the foam stability theory Laplace equation is added after the powder was analyzed. The results showed that after adding the powder, foam foaming ability decreased dialysate time enhancement; thermal radiation in the same spare parts, add anti-foam powder burn significantly enhanced; the smaller the particle size, the more stable the formed foam anti-burn ability is stronger.



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