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Targeted drug delivery systems can enhance the efficacy of the drug in the lesion site, but also can reduce the drugs on the normal parts of the side effects is based on mesoporous silicon dioxide "container" - gold nanoparticles to "switch" (MSN-Au NPs) hybrid nano valve system along with the excellent characteristics of the two nanoparticles, chemical, biological material and clinical medicine and other disciplines attracted widespread attention. according to incentives and application of functional classification, introduced single-function and multi-function important Advances hybrid nano valve system MSN-Au NPs, and the challenges and the future direction of development currently facing.

In corn stover fermentation residue cellulosic ethanol as a raw material obtained, Na OH as solvent, HCl acid precipitating agent, prepared by the precipitation of lignin acid - silicon dioxide nanocomposite. Infrared spectroscopy, scanning electron microscopy (SEM), thermal gravimetric detection (TGA) and particle size measurement means, p H value of the research system and the reaction temperature on the complex morphology, composition and content of impact, determined preparation lignin - two silica nano-composites optimum conditions. The results showed that when the reaction temperature is 30 ℃, p H value of 7:00, the prepared composite silica content of 75.05%, and the composite dispersion better than the lignin has better thermal stability. Analyzed by the particle size distribution, preparation of lignin - the number of particles of silica nanocomposite particle size of 95 nm of 20.2%.

In order to improve the bonding strength of plywood, reducing its combustion properties to styrene-acrylic / silica (SiO2) as a modifier, modified urea formaldehyde resin (UF) glue prepared by blending the physical. Studied benzenepropanoic/silicon dioxide modifier particle size, amount of influence on the bonding strength of plywood and combustion performance. Modifier particle size is set to 60,800,10 000 heads, and other three levels of the election of the optimal particle size, add a set amount (mass fraction) of 0,5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, etc. 6 levels. The results show that: the particle size and amount of modifier on plywood bonding strength and combustion performance is remarkable, when a particle size of 60 mesh, modifiers added in an amount of 15%, the best preparation plywood performance, bonding strength of 1.33 MPa , the total heat release of 16.3 MJ · m (-2), the total amount of smoke released to 149.80 m2 · m (-2).



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