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Preparation of mesoporous silicon dioxide nanoparticles and to study its effect on flavonoids (apigenin, quercetin, hesperetin) drug loading and drug release performance. The method of preparation of the supported flavonoids mesoporous silica nanoparticles, scanning / transmission electron microscopy, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction, nitrogen adsorption - desorption resolve them were characterized by high performance liquid chromatograph nanoparticles drug loading. The results obtained nanoparticles uniform shape and size, the average particle diameter of 230-250 nm, a specific surface area of 1045 cm ^ 2 / g, pore size of 2.8 nm. Drug loading hesperetin, apigenin and quercetin respectively 27%, 23% and 18%, 40 min after release were 84%, 80% and 76%.

Use polyurethane "tailoring", designed and synthesized containing alkoxy silicon anchor group and Hyperdispersant polyethylene glycol solvent chain segment, and for dispersing the aqueous coating of silicon dioxide (SiO2) matting . IR, particle testing, TEM Hyperdispersants Hyperdispersant structure and dispersion effects SiO2 matting were characterized. Dispersed SiO2 matting synthetic super dispersant, small particle size can be obtained, no agglomeration, stable SiO2 matting aqueous dispersion.



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