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Scientists have found colorful opal in the Antarctic meteorites, which are composed of silicon dioxide, it will help to be announced on the Earth's water resources come from.

This is the second summer of 2015, another Martian meteorite found in Antarctica Similar findings further support the Earth's water resources may come from outside the Earth. Opal is EET 83309 meteorite fragments discovered in the meteorite is composed of thousands of fragments of rock and minerals, it is likely to come from a larger volume regularly exposed to radiation asteroids, comets may come from.

Head of Research, Institute of British Hillary - Downs (Hilary Downes) professor said: "We have not found opal is composed of fragments of other minerals from the wreckage, evidence suggests that this opal formed in meteorites before separating from the asteroid and eventually fall in the Antarctic Earth. "

The opal found to be very interesting, it was confirmed that the mineral formation requires water. On Earth, this process involves water and silica sand and binding, after millions of years, along with the evaporation of water and silicon dioxide harden, gradually brilliant opal structure. Opal is actually found on Earth's volume contains 3-21% moisture.

Downs stressed that more evidence that meteorites and asteroids can carry large amounts of water ice material, although we are concerned that a large asteroid collision earth brought disaster, but an asteroid collision billions of years ago to bring the Earth water resources, contribute to a proliferation of life on Earth.



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