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The consists of silicon dioxide droplets angle measurement system:

A one-dimensional front adjustment platform 

Light source system 

Micro Injector 

Host (using industrial aluminum) 

3 million high-definition digital camera

Test platform

Injector an adjusting device

Injector screw knobs

Advanced zoom lens

The description of the two basis points method of silicon dioxide droplets angle measurement;

1, click the "point" item.

2, use the mouse to take two basis points, first left and right, the result is automatically calculated and displayed. If you click on the error, you can click the right mouse button to deselect it again speculation. As shown in FIG:

The instrument also provides a method to calculate the two-Owens surface energy function, as follows:

Using known surface energy of the liquid γL and its sub-γLD, γLP, (γLD as dispersion forces, γLP polar force) and measure the fluid contact angle θ on a solid surface, the side through the program can calculate the solid surface energy.

When calculated using the Owens surface energy, selected two test fluid must meet the following conditions:

(1) γLP two liquids / γLD value can not close the gap between the two and the bigger the better;

(2) There must be two liquids of different polarity, which must be from a polar liquid and the nonpolar liquid in a liquid selected from each.

(3) can not make the test liquid surface of the solid dissolves, expansion and deformation.

In the calculation of the surface energy, the need to dispersion forces Liquids A and B, the polarity of the force and the contact angles were measured as shown filled interface. Then press the "OK" key to calculate the solid surface energy.



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