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Thickening and thixotropic of fumed silicon dioxide dispersion is largely dependent on the intensity, at least a high-speed dispersing machine. Optimum dispersion may be a rotor-stator dispersion machine or a ball Mo, three-roll mill dispersion.

The best choice for dispersion methods and dispersion device depends on the consistency of the system. We sometimes recommended to use part or portion of the liquid feed formulations all dispersed fumed silicon dioxide and then add the remaining liquid and other materials to adjust the content of the formulations of fumed silica to achieve the requirements of the recipe ratio. From the outcome principles, fumed silica with a primary particle size is reduced to increase the thickening effect, however, with the increase of particle fineness, a higher shear energy to reach its thickening effect.

Silicon dioxide droplets angle tester for testing a liquid to solid wettability, namely the size of the contact angle of various liquids on a variety of solid materials formed by aqueous infiltration judge.



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