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Fumed silicon dioxide can used in metal surface treatment agent, phosphating agent, passivating agent.

As we all know that China is a big country steel production and user, galvanized steel, aluminum and other sheet market is booming, driven by the rapid development of metal surface treatment will agent. Today technology is a surface treatment agent of foreign technology is more comprehensive, to BASF, Pasqua, Henkel, Chemetall. 

Metal surface treatment agent used in the plate are: aluminum sheet galvanized sheet steel and other steel coil color

Fumed silicon dioxide is a metal surface treatment agent, it is a very important aid:

1, Activation of the surface when the surface treatment agent is sprayed on the plate, due to the effects of the role of fumed silica surface silanol groups, that increased activity of the surface to improve adhesion, activation of the surface.

2, The protective effect of the surface treatment agent is more corrosion resistance, improve the corrosion resistance of galvanized sheet metal.

3, When fumed silicon dioxide is dispersed in a nonpolar liquid bridge is formed by the interaction of hydrogen bonds in the silanol groups of different particle surface to form three-dimensional structure of this generation thickening effect. When the system is subjected to external mechanical forces, such as stirring or shaking, this structure is damaged, the role of mechanical force type and duration determine extent of the damage, the result is thickened system back into a liquid. As held stationary state, fumed silica particles will connect to restore the original viscosity. This phenomenon is known as pseudoplastic. Fumed silica thickening system, so that it starts to flow requires a minimum energy, in other words, there is a so-called "yield point." Hydrophilic fumed silica polar or semi-polar liquid thickening effect was not significant. In these systems, particularly in a liquid mixture or a solution, the surface-modified fumed silicon dioxide shows excellent rheological behavior. This is most likely due to the effect of solvent or adsorption to form a three-dimensional structure.



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