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NC-21 hydrophilic coating using an inorganic compound of silicon dioxide (SiO2), are arranged to the substrate surface hydrophilicity of the hydroxyl group technology. Because the combination of silicon (Si) and oxygen (O) is high, so it will not disintegrate under the sun or a small amount of heat.

After the surface coated with hydrophilic coating, the water splashed on the oil-based pen writing text, water will enter between the ink and coating the surface of the ink and coating separation so as to be removed. Although there are other ways to use the same clear text coating, but after clearing the pigment, the ink composition will remain in the acrylic polymer coating surface to form the shape of the character projection. The use of NC-21 if the ink does not remain in the polymer. Moreover, the company also by improving existing hydrophilic coating inorganic compound used - silicon dioxide coating to improve the oil repellency.

Chemical properties of silicon dioxide is relatively stable. Do not react with water. It is an acidic oxide, not with general acid. Gaseous hydrogen fluoride reacts with silica gaseous silicon tetrafluoride. Alkali with hot or molten alkali silicates and water produced by the reaction. With more metal oxides at high temperature reaction silicates. For the manufacture of quartz glass, optical instruments, chemical containers, ordinary glass, refractory materials, optical fiber, ceramics and the like. The nature of the silica inert, it does not fluorine, halogen other than hydrogen fluoride, hydrogen halides and sulfuric acid, nitric acid, perchloric action (except hot concentrated phosphoric acid).



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