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International standards ISO3262-20: 2000 (E) "coatings and additives - general description and method of the twenty sections: fumed silicon dioxide" provides the general technical specifications and test methods for gas phase SiO2, but for some key indicators such as the specific surface area It has not yet been specified. With the rapid development of the industry, GB / T 20020-2005 "fumed silica" due to technical indicators is too wide, no longer meet the technical requirements for low level of production and industry to meet customer requirements, it is necessary to revise the original standard.

Also modify the ISO standards for the relevant test methods redrafted for testing, packaging, sampling, etc. were modified and refined to make this version more in line with actual production standards and applications. GB / T 20020-2013 "fumed silicon dioxide" to enhance the industry's technology level, to strengthen quality control, expand product application areas, promote the development of fumed silica and related industrial chain, has played a positive role.

National Standard GB / T 20020 "fumed silicon dioxide" and revision, fumed silica products for our domestic and foreign customers recognition, to promote the product to the international market has laid a solid foundation. Silicone rubber as the largest application areas fumed silica, fumed silica higher on technical requirements and more complex, with the irreplaceable role of special occasions, the development of fumed silica has a profound impact on the silicone rubber Industrial Technology Development and industrial progress. Therefore, the development of international standards for silicone rubber fumed silica is imperative and will also have important guiding significance for the application of fumed silicon dioxide in silicone rubber field.



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