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With the development of science and technology and human living standards, people need clothing comfort, innovative health requirements, a variety of functional textiles emerged. Here, the nano-silicon dioxide has played a huge role, at present, it has been applied to UV, far-red anti-bacterial deodorant, anti-aging and so on. For example, nano-silica and titania nanoparticles made of composite powders appropriate ratio is an important agent Tim UV resistant fiber. One more important feature of the fibers of nanomaterials add, that is the human body has a strong infrared absorption, which can increase the thermal effect, reduce the weight of the clothes, infrared absorption by adding fiber powder nanomaterials made clothes, its weight can be mitigate about 30%.

In the field of antibacterial agents:

Nano-silicon dioxide with physical inertia, high adsorption, commonly used as a carrier in the preparation of fungicides, when the nano silicon dioxide as carrier can be adsorbed to reach the ion antimicrobial, antibacterial antibacterial purposes can be used in reporting refrigerator shell, computer keyboard, etc. manufacture.

Nano silicon dioxide has large surface area, porosity, surface-active multi-center, in the catalyst and catalyst carrier side and has potential application value. Nano-silica as the basic raw material, the sol - gel technique, can be prepared a composite oxide containing nano-silica. When this composite oxide catalyst support structure for many allergic reactions, will show a unique reactivity. The reaction of catalytic activity, selectivity, catalytic activity of the reaction can be maintained for a long time.



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