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In the field of adhesives and sealants: Adhesives and sealants in the field of nano-silicon dioxide is a larger amount, it is important to use a wider range of products. Currently upscale sealants and adhesives mainly rely on imports. According to reports, foreign products in this area has already started using nano-materials as additives, nano silica is the preferred material, its mechanism is nano-silica coated layer of organic material, so that it has hydrophobic properties, add it the sealant can quickly form a network structure, inhibiting the flow of colloids, solid rate of speed, improve bonding effect, and because small particles, but also increased the rubber seal.

Application as a reinforcing agent in rubber, anti-aging agent, nano-silicon dioxide used in rubber products, rubber products can increase strength, improve the toughness, anti-aging, anti-friction fire, prolong life and other functions. In addition, it can also be used to make transparent shoes at the end, and before such products all rely on imports.

Application in plastics: nano-silicon dioxide was added in plastics can increase the plastic toughness, strength, abrasion resistance, aging resistance and improved aging properties of plastics. Such as: high rigidity with the nano-silica modified polypropylene plastic (PP) obtained by high tenacity nanocomposite can manufacture car bumpers; Another example: after adding nano-silica in translucent plastic film, not only transparency, toughness, strength is improved, and water resistance, weatherability performance is also greatly enhanced; another example, the nano-silicon dioxide used plexiglass (PMMA), can increase its strength, impact toughness, abrasion resistance, light transmittance , anti-ultraviolet and anti-aging properties.



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