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Nano-silicon dioxide is a very promising industrial application nanomaterials, its wide range of applications, involving almost all applications of silica powder industry. Our research on nanomaterials started relatively late, until the "Eighth Five plan" will "nanomaterials" column after one major infrastructure projects, research in this area, it has rapidly unfolded, and achieved remarkable results. 1996 to the successful development of nano-silica, and become an important family of a nano-materials, thus making China after the United States, Britain, Japan, Germany, the first international five countries to mass production of this product. Nano-silica applications should be very extensive.

Nano-silicon dioxide has a three-dimensional network structure, and a large specific surface area, it showed great activity, capable of forming a network structure when paint dries, while increasing the strength and smoothness of the paint, but also improve the pigment suspension, can maintain long-term paint color does not fade. In the building interior and exterior paint, if the addition of nano-silica, can significantly improve the effect of open cans of paint, paint is not hierarchical, thixotropic, anti-sagging, good Stokes performance, especially anti-stick pollution performance is greatly improved, It has excellent self-cleaning ability and adhesion. As the nano-silica particles, large surface area, with the polymer molecules have a strong cross-linking, and because the small size of nano-silica can be filled pores in the coating, the coating is more compact, significantly increase Gao paint shear and peel strength, adhesion of the coating increases. And nano-silica added, so that the composite paint corrosion potential shifted positively, anodic corrosion current is reduced to about two orders of magnitude, the corrosion resistance of the coating can significantly improve. 

The Nano silicon dioxide as a functional ingredient added to the coating system made of nano-modified coatings can improve the coating scrub resistance, stain resistance and other properties and can impart antibacterial, self-cleaning and other special Features. Nano silica with special optical properties of conventional SiO2 do not have, and it has a very strong UV absorption, infrared reflectance properties. Adding nano SiO2 to the paint, can effectively reduce the color of the coating due to ultraviolet and infrared radiation caused due to ultraviolet light can organics in C -H, C -C, C -C 1 bond, and the like having a bond energy substances damaging effects of UV nano silicon dioxide have a higher rate of shielding, UV-shielding coatings can be added to improve the exterior paint aging weather resistance.



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