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The team found that mice with spontaneous lung tumor development process, silicon dioxide exposure will accelerate tumor development. They implanted human lung carcinoma in mice who have seen the same thing happen.

When they focus on the more basic aspects of biological indicators, then it found that silicon dioxide exposure triggers called leukotriene B4 (LTB4) of the fine particles to regulate body inflammation, especially inflammation of the lungs.

Fine particles by binding to receptors called BLT1 rather acts, when the researchers removed the corresponding receptors in the rat, better protecting them from exposure to silicon dioxide-stimulation of tumor growth.

The researchers said the finding is likely to reveal the treatment of silicosis and silicosis lung new therapeutic targets. Professor of microbiology and immunology HaribabuBodduluri said:

We believe this is how we understand the environmental impact of the process of change in lung cancer is very important step. We hope that this new information we can speed up the process to respond to this treatment can not currently be cured of the disease.



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