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A new study shows that: prolonged exposure to silicon dioxide, would lead to silicosis complicated by lung cancer.

Working group from the University of Louisville, Kentucky, on Nature Communications magazine reported on its findings. They hope this discovery can accelerate the progress of silicosis develop new lung cancer treatment approaches.

Silicosis is a progressive, debilitating to the body and incurable lung disease, is due to years of large quantities of quartz (silicon dioxide is present in rock, stone, clay and sand in the compound) caused.

A large number of quartz exposure occurs mainly in these compounds may inhale fine career, including quarrying, mining, masonry, sandblasting, road construction, pottery, tunnels and rock drilling. In the United States, there are about 200 million people because of his work may be exposed to respirable silicon dioxide dust. In developing countries, rapid industrialization and supervision of poor working conditions, this number may be more than 10 million.

Even if these are no longer inhalation powder, silicosis will continue, because once tiny particles into the lungs, it is impossible to cough them out. Body tries uptake by macrophages, a small amount of debris is handled rid of silica particles. Unfortunately, silicon dioxide kill macrophages, leading to persistent lung tissue inflammation, may eventually lead to cancer.



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